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Start English 2017-2018

Comienzo el nuevo curso y ya estamos de vuelta para que todo esté perfecto cuando comiencen las clases. Para inscribirse puedes pasarte por la oficina en horario de tarde o llamarnos por teléfono. Esperamos verte de nuevo.

Doc’s Place

This is a new short story  in the “Sid” collection. If you like it please share it! Doc’s Place

Now You Know

What do the distress letters SOS stand for? Morse code is a series of electrical impulses that signify the letters of a structured message. SOS doesn’t stand for “save our ship” or “save our souls,” as has been commonly believed. In fact, it stands for nothing. It was chosen as a distress signal at an international conference in 1906 because, at nine keystrokes — three dots, three dashes, three dots …Read More

Now You Know

What do the words algebra, sofa, sash, and sequin have in common? Algebra, sofa, sash, and sequin are among the hundreds of common English words that originated within the Arabic languages. A few others are: magazine, alcohol, jar, cotton, and mattress. Racquet comes from an Arabic word for hand, which is how tennis was originally played. The words alcove, chemist, coffee, and chess are also included among the everyday Arabic …Read More

Now You Know

How did Edward VII make it fashionable to leave the bottom button of a man’s vest undone? King Edward VII had a large appetite and an even larger tummy. He began leaving the bottom button of his vest undone because after a meal he simply couldn’t do it up. Those who didn’t want to make the king uncomfortable did the same, and so it became the fashion of the day. …Read More